Thousand thoughts and no one comes out

What is published here, is based on how I function as gifted, even though I know that everyone who is gifted doesn’t function as I do. Among other things, when it comes to the speed of thoughts and speech and this with being “too much” that I mentioned in a previous episode. There are those where it is not visible or heard as much on the outside, what is going on inside. Below is an example of a situation where the difference can be clear.

Thinks of more steps than others
To my colleagues and my boss, I have explained how I function during problem solving or idea generation in group. It sounded like this when I explained “You know at a meeting where we sit and talk about something. Meanwhile someone talks, you can think of a couple of steps forward, based on what that person says. When the person has finished talking, one could say what you thought and the others around the table have sometimes thought about similar paths, or a couple of steps in another direction.

When we sit and talk, my thoughts rush off, not just two or three steps but maybe seven, eight steps. And then when I open my mouth and say how I think the eighth step, it will be for most completely unrelated. Although in my mind there is a red thread that leads to what I say.

When this happens, that I say something that cannot be understood based on what we are talking about, tell me! Tell me so that I can try to explain step by step.” A lot of times, colleagues have done so, and then it works for me to work in a group.

Careful thinking of everything takes time
There are gifted people who, unlike me, want to consider all the options carefully before commenting the subject. Based on a question raised at a meeting, they can find that there are ten possible solutions to it. Not only that. They also think of every possible solution from ten different perspectives. Weighs pros and cons. Thinking through the consequences. Then when they thought about all the options, they go through everything again to make sure they did not forget any aspect.

This means that when most people have thought about a few options, the person has carefully gone through ten times ten options. Thoroughly. A statement from such a person is really thought out. If he or she gets the opportunity to say so. That is if the discussion haven’t already gone on to other topics.

Being a person who considers subjects so thoroughly must sometimes be annoying. Especially as quickly and loudly, are often rewarded in meetings. Imagine yourself thinking about the matter more than everyone else and you will not be able to say what you have come up with. Or if it’s already made a decision that you know wont work. Or what it’s like to be such a person?

Are you gifted and work in that way? How is it? For me it’s hard to imagine how it may be, so please describe! I want to understand. What do you think is the best thing about functioning as you do?

See you!



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