The right level of stimulus is different

Addendum: When I would get the relevant links to this post I realized that my knowledge of this is not up to date. Theories that people with high intelligence have more receptors I read about 10 years ago. Over time, this has become a truth to me. It’s crappy to realize that I can not find good scientific articles that clearly reflect what I thought is the truth. I would really like someone who has more current knowledge to share it here. End of the extension.


Our brains therefore need stimulation to work. Impressions that it can process. In a fair amount.

It’s just that “fair amount” differ. For a normal intelligent person, the pace and content of daily activities, adapted for people with mental retardation, would be far too little stimulus. On the contrary, normal work could stress a person with mental retardation.

The distance between what is appropriate stimulus for a person in the middle of the intelligence curve is equally large both to the right-hand end of the curve and to the left end. Highly intelligent people need completely different and more complex stimuli than normal ones. And when it is missing, as in school for my part, the brain gets physically damaged. The communication system gets nothing new to work with and then the same happens with the brain as with the muscles you do not use. It doesn’t feel good.

More receptors
All sensory systems use different types of specialized receptors, which are found everywhere in and on the body in order to gather information. An explanation that gifted need more and other stimulus, is that we probably have more receptors and therefore perceive faster, more nuanced and intense than others.

More receptors lead to increased activity in our communication system and increased activity generates more receptors. Therefore, the receptors become more if you train the brain and the more receptors you have, the better the brain’s functions. The more I learn, the greater the need for new stimulation gets in order to maintain a proper level of brain activity. That’s how it works for everyone.

But a fair level of new to me might be a level that isn’t healthy to others. It’s not always my fair level, when it comes to learning new, is consistent with the pace it is possible to learn new at work. In addition, the “fair level of new” accelerates as the brain’s communication system is being trained. But oh what it is wonderful when it’s possible for the brain to work at a perfect level of new!

How is it for you? How does it feel when you are at your perfect level of stimulus? In what context does it happen?

See you!


Link to the page Brainfact

Here you can find interesting articles about brain research


Marylou Kelly Streznewski “Gifted grownups, the mixed blessing of extraordinary potential” Chapter two, pp. 25-34 provides good and more in-depth information on how the high-intelligent brain works. In this book, I first learned how the brain works. The book explains well, but it has several years on the neck, and the links around research about receptors are deficient. Read the book anyway! The absolute best thing is to get to listen to the over hundred gifted people interviewed by the author. Human experience stands out over time.



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