Why I have the blog Too intelligent?

If you meet me at the town, you probably do not notice me. I am one in the crowd. One of nine million inhabitants in Sweden. One of five billion on Terra. As common and unimportant as most. As peculiar and special as most. I live my life far away from the headlights, on the outskirts. Just like most of us do.

Nowadays I enjoy my life, but the road has been crooked. As for many. The reason my trip was so shaky differs from most people.

My name is Vera Varg. Welcome to the blog Too intelligent?

Very few believe that your own intelligence may be the leg you stumble over and over again. Perhaps when it comes to slower pace of learning than others and harder to grab abstract things. But could it be an obstacle to have unusually easy to learn and then remember for life? Who would imagine this?

Many highly intelligent people have of course used their talent from start and gained the life they wanted. It’s not for those I’m speaking now, but for you who stumbling forth. Perhaps my blog posts can make you hope that life as gifted can be really good. No matter how knobbly your bed was made from the beginning.

Share my experience and knowledge
I began blogging with the purpose that the experience and knowledge I collected will be of benefit to you. My dedication is based on the fact that I saw so many people, especially young people, feeling bad and where the main component seemed to be a high intelligence that crashed with the surroundings. I have also seen how some of the highly intelligent children and young people started blossom and feel good. This because they came to a new environment that worked better for them.

High intelligence – an asset or a burden?
The most annoying thing is that the youngsters do not feel bad because they are sick, but because of something that could be the sunniest of gifts in the right environment. The gift of having an intelligence high above the normal.

If you’ve been lucky, you did grown up in an environment that worked well for you as gifted. Maybe some adjustments were made at school to give you the opportunity to learn at your level? Perhaps you have had friends and family who are also very talented? Then your high intelligence is likely to be a welcome gift to you or simply something natural.

Those who have not had that circumstances during childhood, may feel that the high intelligence is more like a burden; The differently that erodes self-esteem, the barbed wire that make involvement impossible, or maybe just the glasses that make you look clearer than others do. Clearly how meaningless and banal everything is.

Find ways to live a good life as gifted
Whether you were lucky or not during childhood, you will sooner or later live in an environment that is not adapted to people who are highly intelligent. At various courses, at work, in community and social life, you will be different from most. Then it’s up to you to create the environment you need and learn how to handle the conditions so that you can live the way you want to live. I am convinced that it is possible to do. That you can do it.


In this blog I will share what research in relevant areas says, and you will get advice that have worked for me.

What I hope for most, is that you who listen or read will want to share your experiences. Something I have learned through the years is what benefit I have from knowing the experience of others. Especially from those who see things from a completely different perspective than I do. So give your experiences to others! And listen in your turn.

If you stumble on your high intelligence, are there any domains which are more troublesome? What would you like me to write about?

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See you!