Make the unreasonable possible

Then you have practiced to dream unreasonably and with the help of imagination extended habitual thought patterns. Now it’s time for action. First, with both dream and action, there can be movement in one direction.

Before you can start acting you need to know in what direction you want to move. In what direction have the dreams brought you?

To unreasonable places? Yes of course. That is what the dream exercise in episode 15 aimed at. And to unreasonable places you will not get in a single step. On the other hand, a couple of steps can be enough to get you to the reasonable. Therefore, it’s a good idea to pan for the reasonable in the dreams you just dreamed.

Example Astronaut
In my exercise I tried a dream of being in space and focused on how I experienced being astronaut. And, of course, I found a good cause chain. To figure that chain out, took a while.

The space is an unattainable place for me. But what was it that I felt and experienced in the dream? Among other things, it was about the satisfaction of having made an effort to the utmost professionally, mentally and physically for many years, to be competent enough to do what I wanted to. It was about rewarding cooperation with colleagues. The joy of being in environments far from what I am used to, contexts that provide a different kind of beauty experiences and new life insights. Pretty so, my experiences in the dream can be summarized.

These are experiences and feelings I can surely get in other ways than being an astronaut. In the same way, I believe it is with the experiences you had in your dreams. If I skip the space part but write down what I want to experience, it may look like this:

  • Use all my skills to perform a given task
  • Strive for a goal a long time and reach it
  • Collegial exchange
  • Experience new environments
  • Experience beauty experiences
  • Get life insights

There is the direction I get from my unreasonable dream. One direction I can go towards. And a feasible one, definitely.


  1. Explore the dreams you practiced. What is it in the dream scenario you like? What are you like? How does it feel? What is it that drives you in the dream?
  2. Purify the feelings, thoughts and experiences. Lift them out of the dream scenario. Write them down.
  3. There you have your direction. As a dot list.

Priming when it comes to dreams of friendships?
An area that many have been exposed to priming, without choosing it themselves, are friendships and relationships. We have seen in films and series how it works. It’s priming that can affect us without us being aware of it. The recipe is often a group of people who look good and are successful. A recipe with unreasonable ingredients that most of us can not get. Like a loft in Manhattan, metropolitan atmosphere and cool friends.

If you release focus from the ingredients and focus on how it feels for you in a dream of friendship, what are you actually experiencing in such dreams? Focus on the feeling. Friendship has nothing to do with how perfect the friends are. Friendship is something completely different.

Those I meet occasionally in the local Mensa-association, we do not fit in any movie and there is not much New York atmosphere in the small town where we hang out, but belonging to that bunch, feels just like the movies convey. Joy and an obvious belonging.

So start from what you’re experiencing in what you dream. Whether it is friendship or anything else you’re dreaming about. Because what you feel in the dream is possible.

My plan was to advise on how to take the first steps in the direction you want, but that’ll have to wait until next time. Anyhow, it’s an advantage to have turned your nose in the direction you aim at, before you start walking. So focus on turning your nose right now!

See you!


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