Dangerous with too little stimulus

If there isn’t enough new learning, the stimulus sinks below a critical level and you begin to feel bad. In one of the linked lectures, a researcher reports that new neurons are formed in the hippocampus for as long as you live. What contributes to neurogenesis (the growth of new neurons) is exercise and learning things. Certainly, it should also mean that if the possibility to learn is removed, the growth of new neurons decreases? Which in turn means that it’s really bad for the brain to lack the fair amount of stimulation.

Working in an environment with too little stimulation is like being forced to cycle very slowly. It will be swaying. Very swaying. An alternative to the difficult slow cycling can be to climb the walls, create problems for yourself or others, or disappear in daydreaming. All in order to ensure that the brain gets some kind of stimulus. So cleverly designed we are that the body tries to make sure to get what is necessary for survival. For example, stimulus for the brain. If the environment can not offer it, the brain will have to make it on its own.

Occasionally I hear the following statement when it comes to learning at your own level at school “Children must learn to be bored too”. In a way I agree, because I do not believe that children, or people at all, should be fed with stimulus all the time. Out of boredom, our own creativity and initiative can grow. However. There is a difference between boring and total lack of stimulus. The purpose of school is to teach students to acquire new knowledge. By definition, you can not learn anything you can already. To sit for the sake of sitting all day long in school is not boring. It is harmful lack of stimulus. And the kind of creativity and initiative that can be awakened in students who lack adequate stimulus is rarely appreciated by the school staff.

It is dangerous for man not to get the necessary stimulus. The children in orphanages in Ceauşescus Romania is an extreme example. Even adult people need the necessary stimulus, emotionally, bodily, socially and intellectually to feel good. A fair amount of stimulation. And a fair amount differs between us all. If we do not get it, we will go under, just as they neglected the children.

Many who have never been feeling bad because of lack of stimulus have difficulty imagining how it can be. They only say it sounds nice.

Have you experienced agony from too little stimulus? In what way and how has it been?

Take care!


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